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    nezs machinery technology

    设计思想: 设计特色:简洁大气,符合行业特色

    网      址:
    周      期:2周

        Jiangyin nezs machinery technology co.,ltd professional for crush, mix , granulers-maker and dry machine, the excellent quality ,system sales service and self export advantage make the company staying in the top level of suppliers and got the high reputation from all over the world buyers .we are locaed in the long history twon-changjin town, collected more industrial company ,only 2km for the famous town huaxi village ,here with good-geomantic place , pleasant climate,scenry eautiful, convenient transportation , economic prosperity, social harmony.

        Cur factory area with 10000m2,bulding round 14000 m2,with high capcity,advanced process,complete make process machine ,professiona and expert for crusher,sifting machine ,granulers maker ,dryer and conveyer for medical ,food ,chemical and so on.

        Recently our company absorbing domestic and international advanced management experience,explore self development path suitable and scidentific management methods,contimue to attract high –quality,high-leveal management and technical personnel . make the company quickly in all aspecti upgrade, estabilished and implemented a complete iso90001:2000 quality.
    Because of company’s strong technical stregth, excellent processing technology and strict testing methods,the products meet or over the national standards, consistent with”gmp”requirements and proved process design,gmp authentication information transformation.

         Company pursuit: “hard work, strive to perfect, striving for excellence, innovation and truth”.

         Jiangyin nez machinery technology co.,ltd supply high quality and bes sales service for ever ,welcome to cooperate any friends from all over the world.

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